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AL.K Consulting Ltd. is a dynamic recruitment consultancy that was established in 2014 and now operates internationally, with an established presence in Greece and Cyprus.

Technology has undoubtedly made the world smaller, and AL.K Consulting Ltd. has retained its bespoke advisory and consultation services, in order to remain true to its core belief; to meet the unique career needs of each and every job seeker.
At AL.K Consulting Ltd, there are huge opportunities, but the services will always remain personal because of our ongoing commitment to understanding our clients’ need for good and reliable employees, as well as our candidates’ need for life-changing career opportunities.
Our aim is to bring global opportunities to your doorstep with our bespoke boutique career advisers and solution support services. We will be your boutique partner in sourcing global opportunities and developing your business.
We offer a range of services including:
International recruitment for specialized profiles within three sectors:
Health Care
For each sector, we perform the following services:
Sourcing the right candidates, evaluating their strengths at one of our assessment centers, and conducting in-depth interviews. We always go above and beyond to ensure that the right candidate is always given the right position.
Global Talent Acquisition
Candidate Mapping

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