Mellon Group of Companies

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Established in 1994, Mellon is a leading multinational group with offices in Central and SE Europe, Cyprus, Turkey and Algeria. For over two decades, we have been leading the way in technology and outsourcing.

We work seamlessly as one organization offering our clients the same quality of service, wherever they are based. The group maintains a matrix structure, which enables all of the group’s companies to take advantage of a centralized pool of specialized skills and know-how.


At Mellon, we don’t just offer solutions and services; our holistic approach delivers real value and transforms the business of our clients by facilitating customer interactions and transactions, improving their operational efficiency and boosting their competitiveness.



Technology Solutions

Representing leading vendors, such as Ingenico, Gemalto, Thales, Genesys, Fiserv and NEC, Mellon designs and offers customized software solutions and value-added technical support that shape the payments landscape.


Contact Centre Services

Mellon is a top omnichannel customer experience provider covering both inbound and outbound campaigns in three key areas: collections, telemarketing and customer support, along with a wide range of complementary services.


Business Process Management Services

Mellon offers BPM services that draw from specialized know-how, processes, expert human resources and cutting-edge technologies to meet the ever changing needs of various industries including telecommunications, financial institutions, insurance and retail.





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