Higher Education Institute “LOGOS”

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The professional school “Fryme Dashurie” was established in 2000 as a two year private institution, at a crucial point when the Albanian society needed specialists in different professions to meet the demands of labor market. The school was founded, supported and it was under continuous supervision of His Beatitude, Dr Anastasios.

The establishment of this institution was of great importance due to the fact that it was the first private professional school to offer courses in fields such as; Financial-Accounting, Business Administration, Applied Informatics and Medical Laboratory Science. Throughout the years this institute has provided more than a 1000 young professionals with up to date knowledge responding to the demands of market and pushing Albanian society towards a positive future of well qualified professionals.

After nearly 10 years, the professional school “Fryme Dashurie” established a well-grounded teaching experience which paved the way towards an institution of higher education, currently known as Logos Higher Education Private Institution.

Under the Bologna Accord and legal framework of higher education Logos was licensed and accredited to offer Bachelor and Master’s degree programs. Logos is in compliance with the legal framework put forward by the Ministry of Education and Sports (MES) with regard to educational process, teaching and scientific research. The autonomy and academic freedom ensure the fulfillment of the institution’s mission and core values which are clearly stated in the School Statute designed for the institution and approved by the Senate.


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